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my birth stone - citrine

hari ni, kita bercakap pasal kristal..Allah menciptakan sesuatu ada sebab dan musababnya...marila kita mengkaji kelebihannya....:)

Orange Color for November-Citrine
History About Citrine – November Birth Stone

Citrine is the traditional Birth Stone for November. Citrine named 
is comes from the French word "citron," which the meaning is lemon. 
That’s upon a time ago, Romans were the first who wear
 Yellow Quartz stone that set in jewels. Citrine then became
 very popular among Romans Century, where a lot of these 
gemstones were set in jewelry. Later part, Citrine is said that 
become popular again in the year of 1930s , which the period is 
between First & Second Wold War. Like all other 
gemstones of the individuals’ months, Citrine is believed that it
has its own magical powers, against the evil thoughts, and also cure illness.

Meaning Behind
That’s a lot of saying about the meaning and the power behind 
this beautiful color stone – Citrine. Besides encouraging people
 to be more self confidence and self esteem, it also 
will improve individual performance in daily, motivate and 
develop positive attitude towards problem solving. 
Citrine is Yellow / Gold color, which the color is the same 
as “MONEY” color. In Chinese, it’s called GOLD. 
That’s why it is said that Citrine is the “Lucky Stone” for sales or business.
 Last but not less, Citrine bring hopes, bringing healthy, bringing youth.
Birth Stone Color
Citrine is the quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color. 
The Natural Citrine is rare and mostly pale yellow. 
Some of the Citrine is like golden color too. Well colored Citrine
 is mostly making into Pendants & Rings, as it can bring 
out the prettiest color when moving your hands and 
body through the light. Less attractive color is 
normally made into necklaces and others jewels such as brooch,
 charm braceletetc….That’s a saying about Citrine will changing color,
when it is heated, and that’s the reason for some , why it cannot be left under the sunlight or any lights which may change it color. 

                    The Oval Shape Citrine                          

          Set in Rings (the yellow citrine replace Yellow Diamond)         

Sources of Citrine
Sources of citrine include Brazil, Bolivia, several African countries and parts of the Soviet Union.Mainly natural citrines are found in Brazil, Madagascar, as well as Argentina, Myanmar, Russia, Spain, Scotland.

Trend Of Citrine
Nowadays, Citrine is consider as popular gemstone among all 
which the color is standing out – Gold or Yellow color.
And it is always used to replace Yellow Topaz or Yellow Diamond, 
which the price is more comfortable for purchaser,
 and the later part is more expensive. Just to consider a gift of Citrine – 
which mean Hope, Brightness your future, Symbolize friendship and Love & is an ideal stuff. Get a Lucky Stone, you will feel lucky Today. 
Kate Winslet wearing citrine Bracelet the Oscars

Alternative Birth Stone For November
** Yellow Topaz  - This yellow color stone is believed by the Egyptians that it will bring hope and show the ability to give & receive Love.

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