Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tag from Bim hehe..

Ni Tag dari Bim..hehe..kita suka buat tag ni..wishlist birthday hehe

Make a list of what you want on your birthday
The list should be 10 numbersu want on your birthday
Post the image of this award to your posting
Give it to 10 frens of yours

My Birthday Wishlist
1. Kalau ade surprise birthday party best gak kan..hehe

2.of course celebrate it with my family..hubby, my children

3. i wish my hubby will give me "something" on my birthday such as bouquet of white rose maybe hehehhe....(angan2 aje ler..rasa nak nyanyi je lagu angan2 raja ema hehe)

4.for my next birthday..i wish i can achieve my weight target to lose 10kg..actually i need to lose more kilos than that..hehe

5.i need new handphone ...Anyone???kena ade 3g tau..heheh..blackberry ok gak..bukan blueberry ye heheh

6.Semoga diberikan Allah a good health..rohani dan jasmani..hehe

7.I wish masa tu i already promoted hehe (kalau ade rezeki)

8.I love white furniture so much..kalau dapat tv rack pun jadiler hehe

9. wish from my friends..very meaningful

10.i wish i can accept the reality that i am already 32 this year..hehehe...but i don't care la..age is only a number..cewahhh

Kita tak de nak tag sesapa..kita tengah "baik" skrg ni hehe

tp jgn lupa my birthday on 12 Nov tauuu....

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